Why We Are A Charity

Recognition of the reality of sensory integration difficulties and what can be done about them, has been slow to take root in many areas of the UK.

We recognise that not everyone will choose Sensory Integration Therapy to help them/their children address their challenges; however, seeing an urgent need, we decided that our best route forward was to become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our team feels we can’t wait for others to catch up with us, and, recognise that this form of therapy can be life-changing, and is in urgent need of funding so children and young people in special schools, struggling in mainstream schools, in the youth justice system, pupil referral units etc can feel the benefits.

We feel that our outcomes speak for themselves so we have simply rolled up our sleeves and made a start; we are developing a team of expert professionals delivering a specialist service to those in need.

We have been lucky enough to receive grants, awarded by organisations that can see the benefits of what we do.