Parents Guide To Sensory Integration

Parents Guide to Sensory Integration
1. Understanding sensory issues in children
a. What is sensory processing disorder:
b. The importance of sensory integration:
c. A useful guide to sensory processing, the sensory systems & sensory processing disorder from the Star Institue

d. Sensory Processing Disorder Education Toolkit for Parents and Caregivers:

Includes a Guide to Sensory Integration for Parents, a free, downloadable handbook for   caregivers whose child has recently been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or who suspect their child may have sensory related difficulties. This handbook includes a brief introduction to the history of sensory integration, descriptions of common signs and symptoms, an overview of different types of interventions, and more.

e. Making sense of sensory processing:

Sensory Processing can be a difficult topic to understand. This guest post from Dr. Jamie Chaves at The Center for Connection takes a deeper look:

f. A comprehensive guide to understanding sensory integration and sensory processing difficulties produced by the Exceptional Family Resource Centre in the US. It outlines how these difficulties are assessed by therapists, how therapy works and how parents can support their child. It includes a useful glossary of terms used in SI therapy:’sGuideToSI.pdf

g. Some children with sensory processing difficulties have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. This animation gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life: