Welcome to Sensory People

Sensory People is a charity that aims to give children and young people (and sometimes adults) access to specialist therapists, trained to use an approach called Sensory Integration Therapy, to identify and treat the effects of poor sensory processing.

Sensory processing includes noticing sensations, organising (integrating) and responding to them. We have 8 senses; touch, sight, smell, hearing, interoception, vestibular (balance and movement) and proprioception (body position) and taste which we notice, and respond to (although not always consciously). Combining the information from all of these senses enables us to successfully engage with the world around us including:

• managing self-care (washing, dressing, eating etc.)
• being productive (doing everyday tasks, working etc)
• learning
• playing and socialising
• resting and sleeping

As a charity we try to keep our costs to a minimum while providing services for children and families who need our specialist support. Please contact us if you would like to fundraise for SENSORY PEOPLE, or, if you choose to shop at smile.amazon.co.uk using the link below Amazon will donate to us. Thank you for your support.