Adult Sensory Integration

For adults over 18 (and their carers)

Do you struggle with any of the following:

  • noises being too loud or too quiet ?
  • is paying attention hard?
  • changes to plans difficult?
  • learning to do new movement activities challenging?
  • being organized?
  • finding clothes that feel right?
  • small spaces?
  • do you avoid meetings?
  • understanding why your reactions are different to others?
Adult Sensory Integration

If the answer is yes – you may have sensory integration difficulties.
People with ASD, ADHD or Dyspraxia often have sensory integration
difficulties. We are keen to help you find out about sensory integration
and why you may find some of these things difficult.

There will be no charge for an initial discussion – however, if you would wish to give a donation to the Charity SENSORY PEOPLE that would be much appreciated.

Sensory Integration Difficulties