Payment For Services

Sensory People proposes to keep costs of services to a minimum. It will attempt to fundraise to cover infrastructure costs but generally expects parents/carers or other interested parties to contribute to the overall costs of treatment.

  • Our Foundation Sensory Motor/Developmental programme, Cool Kids sessions, lead by trained Coaches are £20 per hour.
  • Our 1:1(Ayres) Sensory Integration Therapy sessions are £60 for three quarters of an hour and are held in our specialist sensory gym space (April 2024).

Funds to support families with low incomes are limited and eligibility criteria are being developed. We strongly advise a discussion about any concerns re-funding/the need for financial support to enable a child’s treatment to take place before that treatment commences – length of treatment varies; most treatments take place once a week and continue over an academic year or for longer.

Sensory People sometimes offers intensive treatment sessions during school holidays. Sensory People may be able to signpost you to another charity for the provision of financial support.