Parent Support

Monthly Get Together

In January of this year we started a monthly parent enrichment / support / get together group. We hoped it would encapsulate all of the above! To date these meetings have been generous and inclusive, we have really enjoyed getting together around a creative activity to share space, time and conversation.

Time for parents without their children is a vital, reflective opportunity. Many of our parents/guardians find the charity as a last resort having exhausted other options of finding support for their children. In an unjudgemental space we take the time to offer our stories in a respectful enviroment – we laugh – we sometimes shed a tear. These are good spaces to remember that as a parent there is no single story – we all have our own extraordinary tale to tell about our extraordinary children.

These photos are from the sessions to date – abstract drawing, felting and glass fusion. This month we meet for rock painting. We aim for simple and shareable activities, we focus on our attention and learning and making something new. We think through the sensory difficulties and possibilities of each activity that may resonate with our and our children’s experiences.

We have a long list of possible options from breadmaking to yoga to mudlarking! Please contact Sarah at for further info, dates and a place.

Large scale abstract drawing session.
Glass Fusion workshop
Easy felting – brilliantly demonstrated by one of our parents.