Background of Sensory People

In 2015, an Occupational Therapist and an early years teacher, who each had Special Needs experience, joined forces. They both had a passion for helping those who needed extra support to undertake simple things in their daily lives that most of us take for granted. Sensory People was set up as a charity to support this work. The Board (see Who we are) now includes a retired Paediatrician and parent representation. The following legal statement was made as part of the charitable registration process. It defines our purpose:

The relief of need and the promotion of health for people suffering from mental and physical illness, learning disability or learning difficulties, their families, educators and carers, by the provision of support, advice, education, therapy, recreational and other activities or approaches designed to promote their independence and improve their conditions of life

The charity’s initial priority is to provide people who need it with Sensory Integration Therapy.